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97 Collingwood St. at 18th St. (one block west of Castro)
San Francisco, CA 94114
(415) 701-YOGA (9642)

  • Castro StudioIgnition central. Divine playground. Astonishment and transformation and joy. Heat and breath and sweat. (Almost) all Vinyasa, (almost) all the time. There’s just no place else like it.

    Many have claimed that Yoga Tree’s Castro studio is the best and most supercharged yoga space, with the best, most luminous bouquet of teachers in the City. Many have also claimed that their experiences here over the years have changed their lives, bodies and hearts for the better, from the most intimate, powerful re-connections to the most joyful blastings into the new. We can only bow to these amazing claims in humble, knowing gratitude. Yes to all.

    This much is true: The Castro studio has hosted it all – yoga and chant and kirtan, dance parties and record releases and celebrations, pujas, prayers, vigils, rituals, trainings, graduations, meditations, workshops of every flavor, releases of every form and intention. The room pulses and breathes. The air is sort of electric. The teachers blessed enough to call Yoga Tree Castro their home endlessly invigorate it with their deepest intuition and truest passion. It’s a powerful place. Is this overstating things a little? Are we all just a little bit wildly blessed by those who come to share, celebrate and supercharge this space with us? We’ll leave the answer up to you. It’s safe to say: There’s no place else like it in the City. Come see for yourself.

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    First Time Students

    Introductory Offer:
    3 classes $20

    Expires in 2 weeks.
    First time students only.
    Purchase in studio only

    Yoga 101 Workshop
    + FREE week pass: $35

    Applies to select classes
    only, see schedule
    for details.

    Class Packs

    5 Class Pass: $80

    Expires after 3 months

    10 Class Pass: $150

    Expires after 5 months

    Student 10 Class Pass:

    Expires after 5 months

    20 Class Pass: $240

    Expires after 8 months

    Note: Class Passes are good at all locations.

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    Membership Specials

    20 Class Pass: $240

    Expires after 8 months

    Monthly Auto Pay

    Up to 31 classes.*Must Give 30-Day Cancellation Notice

    One Month Pass: $190

    Up to 31 classes.

    Annual National Membership: $1,550

    Up to 365 classes.

    Daily Passes

    Drop-In Class: $18*

    Student Drop-In: $16

    *In studio only. Valid Student ID required. Includes Seniors, Unified School District Teachers, Local Merchants and Veterans.

    Community Class: $12*

  • Annie Carpenter

    Smart Flow

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      Annie Carpenter has been practicing since 1975 and teaching yoga for over 25 years. Her teaching has evolved into an intelligent, organic SmartFLOW, reflecting her love of both juicy movement and rigorous discipline. Known as a “teacher’s teacher,” she leads 200- and 500-hour teacher trainings, and teaches yoga asana, pranayama, and meditation at Exhale Center for Sacred Movement in Venice, California and is a member of the teacher training faculty at Yoga Tree.

      A former Martha Graham dancer Annie has studied anatomy, kinesiology, and developmental movement; her classes are informed by the body’s structure and evolution. Annie’s classes integrate intensity, intelligence, laughter, and love. She is the author of the CD “RelaxDeeply” and the DVD “Yoga for Total Back Care,” and a regular contributor to Yoga Journal. Learn more at

    Crystal Higgins


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      Crystal Higgins gives students the space to go deeply inward on the mat while cultivating a stronger connection to the self, and our own unique power within the world. Her classes are restorative, nurturing and deeply grounding.

      Crystal’s goal as a teacher is to help her students bring balance, strength and ease back in their lives no matter what life experiences come their way.

      Crystal continues to be inspired by her teachers – Gloria Latham, Shiva Rea, Abby Tucker, Sara Avant Stover, Sean Haleen, Matthew Brensilver and Jack Kornfield. She holds a certificate in Women’s Yoga based off of the teachings from Sara Avant Stover’s “The Way of the Happy Woman.”

      She also partners with yoga teachers and wellness professionals to strengthen the reach and depth of their offerings through thoughtful marketing that inspires and resonates. Learn more at

    Dana Damara


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      Dana Damara has embraced yoga as a lifestyle both on and off the mat. Her passion as a teacher is proper alignment, powerful breath and effortless flow. She believes that how you show up on your mat can be directly related to how you show up off your mat.

      Dana is also the founder of Girls Elevate, as well as an empowerment speaker, author, community leader, personal coach, Reiki Master, but most importantly the mother of two young girls.

      Dana has trained with a variety of teachers such as Janet Stone, Seane Corn, Sianna Sherman, Bikram Choudry, Shiva Rea, Byron Katie and Louise Hay. She is interested in healing the planet through connection, co-creation and conscious collaboration.

    Ericka Montana


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      Ericka Montana is a loving, soul-guiding yoga teacher and intuitive coach based in San Francisco. Her classes are said to be like a “spiritual soul wash.”

      Ericka is known for her creative sequencing, motivating playlists, healing hands-on assists and profound meditations of the heart. Whether delighting in one her Vinyasa, Power Yoga or Hatha classes, or luxuriating in one of her Restorative classes you’re sure to leave deeply connected, mind-body-spirit.

      Ericka has more than 500 hours of teachings from yoga teachers Darren Main, Janet Stone, Sean Haleen, Pete Guinosso, Hala Khouri, Chrisandra Fox-Walker, Katie Silcox, Janet Stone, Dina Amsterdam, and Judith Hanson Lasater. mind-body-spirit.

    Janet Stone


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      Janet Stone’s studentship began at 17 under the meditation teachings of Prem Rawat. His reverence for simplicity and finding joy in the rise and fall of life live on in her practice and teaching today. In 1996, she traveled to India, the birthplace of her grandfather, and became dedicated to the path of yoga. Janet blends the alchemy of her own practice with decades of studentship. She aspires not to teach but to allow the practice to emanate from her, letting awareness blend with movement and breath. Based in Bali and San Francisco, she leads immersions, retreats, workshops and more.

    Jason Bowman


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      Jason Bowman is a writer and yoga teacher in San Francisco who is known for his ability to be thorough while maintaining a light-hearted sense of humor. His classes encourage a personal examination of the space between theory and direct experience and his love for the practice shines through in his ability to teach with a concrete yet creative voice.  Jason has a keen eye for detail and his classes are consistently fun and challenging while always in tune with the underlying internal inquiry that makes the practice so beautiful. 

      His practice and teaching have been greatly influenced by Ashtanga Yoga as he’s learned it from Richard Freeman and Maty Ezraty and Vipassana Meditation as he’s learned it from SN Goenka. Jason leads teacher trainings as well as regular immersions, workshops, retreats and guest lecture series both at home across the country.

    Jody Greene

    Slow & Low Flow Vinyasa

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      Jody Greene came to the practice of yoga in 2000, and her path to teaching continues to unfold daily through practice, study, and the karma yoga of assisting. She is deeply blessed and enlivened by her root teachers, Mark Stephens and Janet Stone. In 2001, Jody began studying Zen Buddhism, and has practiced in both lay and monastic settings throughout the past decade. She is currently especially interested in exploring the intersections and diversions of Zen and Tantric Philosophy, under inspiring and inspired teachers Daijaku Kinst, Paul Haller, and Hareesh Wallace.

    Julie Locke


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      Julie offers a deep, powerful, heart-felt, Vinyasa flow. By linking breath with movement, Julie inspires students to open their heart, connect to their truth, and ignite their inner brilliance. Initially drawn to yoga to help balance her athletic lifestyle, and busy nursing career, in which she specializes in Cancer treatment, Julie continues to be astounded by the magnitude of yoga. She feels her yoga journey has only just begun, and remains open to its continued evolution. Filled with gratitude, Julie shares her passion for yoga, teaching, and healing, with others.

      Julie attributes her zest for life, courageous spirit, and open heart, to her awe-inspiring Cancer patients. She feels that her patients, along with the ever-powerful Mother Nature, are her greatest teachers. Julie completed her 200-hour Vinyasa YTT with local great, Pete Guinosso.

      “Find your truth and rock it. Life is too short to do otherwise.”

    Laura Burkhart


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      Laura’s creative and intelligently sequenced flow classes are known for being challenging, with a smooth and rhythmic flow. She incorporates strategically selected music organized to create a specific cadence and theme for each class. Laura is conscientious about catering to different levels and ability to ensure that all feel welcome and comfortable.

      Laura’s extensive studies, primarily under Shiva Rea and primary mentor Jason Crandell, have helped forge an intuitive, spontaneous and eclectic instruction style.

      Laura worked as the Yoga Director at the San Francisco Bay Club’s Mind/Body Center, has appeared in numerous online videos by Yoga Journal and Yogaglo, and was the June 2010 master class model for Yoga Journal Magazine. In addition to teaching yoga classes, Laura is the founder of Yoga Reach International, a company that specializes in yoga travel-adventures with a philanthropic intent: to help the communities that it touches through both hand-on projects or donations. Yoga Reach fosters a platform to bring well- being, adventure-travel and service together to benefit both communities in need and enrich the lives of those participating in the retreat.

    Max Kopeikin


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      Max Kopeikin is a crazy monkey who has been dancing on tables since he was three. His AcroYoga classes combine the wisdom and alignment of yoga, the fieriness and playfulness of acrobatics and the healing touch of Thai massage. There is also a large component of partner yoga. Perfect for people new to the practice or seasoned AcroYogis and AcroYoginis.

      Max has practiced various forms of yoga over the last decade of practice including Iyengar, Jivamukti, Gentle Hatha, Anusara and AcroYoga. He is a certified Hatha Yoga and AcroYoga teacher, and just finished a Postgraduate Diploma in Dance/Movement Therapy. Max is currently working on his Masters in Expressive Arts Therapy to blend movement, yoga and psychotherapy.

    Matthew Champoux


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      Matt’s classes are engaging, enlightening experiences known for their integration of eastern wisdom, metaphor, and precise alignment instruction. He encourages his students to explore their edges and guides them through the internal sensation cues that enable this vibrant work to be done safely and therapeutically. He teaches Vinyasa Flow and Mysore style Ashtanga classes.

      With 500+ hours of teacher and philosophy training, he is known as a teacher of teachers. Besides being inspired by Richard Freeman, Matt regularly studies with Mary Taylor (Freeman’s wife) and has been deeply influenced by Wendy Bramlett, Chuck Miller, Maty Ezraty, Cindy Lusk, Ramanand Patel, Gabriella Giubilaro, Rodney Yee, John Friend, and Francisco Kaiut. His training also includes in-depth study of anatomy, philosophy, and long-term apprenticeship. He draws large classes and supports studentship at the highest level.

    Mark Morford


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      Mark Morford (ERYT-500) has been leading fiery, heart-provoking Vinyasa classes, workshops and retreats in San Francisco since 1999. He’s also an award-winning columnist for the San Francisco Chronicle and SFGate, a contributing writer for numerous publications (HuffPo, Yoga Journal, The Sun, Sex+Design, many more), and author of The Daring Spectacle: Adventures in Deviant Journalism. He created the Everyday Sorcery for Urban Mystics (ESUM) and Yoga for Writers (Y4W) programs for inspired yogis, as well as the Mark Morford’s Apothecary iOS app, and leads classes, immersions and retreats in various warm parts of the world.

      Mark’s yoga is a deeply devoted, irreverent fusion of Tantra-infused awareness and strength-building movement frequently set to fantastic music, all designed to invigorate the body, guide the frenzied urban mind toward sam?dhi and burn off toxic text messages and reckless illusions. More at

  • Public Transit Directions:

    castro studio mapBART:

    Exit Civic Center station and transfer to F, K, L, or M MUNI lines.


    Rail: F, K, L, or M Lines, exit at Market and Castro-walk 1 block south on Castro, turn right at 18th St. for one block and turn right at Collingwood St., first door on right.
    Bus: 33 Line, exit at 18th St. and Collingwood St.


    1 Hour Metered Parking on 18th, 9am-6pm, Mon-Sun.
    2 Hour Free Parking on Collingwood and nearby streets,
    Mon-Sat, Sunday Unlimited.
    Parking Garage on Hoff St. at 16th St. and Mission St.


    If you are coming from outside of San Francisco, please arrange your accommodations well in advance. Conventions and other special events can book most of the city’s hotel rooms leaving few options for individual travelers. Each person has different expectations and budgets for a place to stay. We ask that you check the following links for places to stay:

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