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519 Hayes St. (between Octavia and Laguna)
San Francisco, CA 94102
(415) 626-9707

  • Nestled in a quiet valley in the heart of San Francisco Yoga Tree Hayes is a home away from home, a base for your yoga journey. The lobby is often full of students chatting and visiting with front desk staff or each other as they gather for class. As you stow your shoes next to your fellow yogi you may find you quickly recognize faces and are welcomed into this small community.

    There are 2 changing rooms and plenty of yoga supplies to support your practice. The studio itself is well lit and welcoming – with sunlight streaming through the skylights and a lovely mural of Krishna at the far end. There is a real feeling of community that pervades this studio and makes students want to return. The teachers are friendly and accessible for questions and there is a diverse array of styles informing the classes. It’s a wonderful place to get support, practice yoga, make new friends… and then head back out to the vibrant street scene on Hayes, from retail stores to La Boulange across the street, pizza next door or taking in the sun in the Hayes park.

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    First Time Students

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    Yoga 101 Workshop
    + FREE week pass: $35

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    Class Packs

    5 Class Pass: $80

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    20 Class Pass: $240

    Expires after 8 months

    Monthly Auto Pay

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    One Month Pass: $190

    Up to 31 classes.

    Annual National Membership: $1,550

    Up to 365 classes.

    Daily Passes

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    Student Drop-In: $16

    *In studio only. Valid Student ID required. Includes Seniors, Unified School District Teachers, Local Merchants and Veterans.

    Community Class: $12*

  • Amanda Moran

    Jivamukti Vinyasa

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      Amanda Moran spent 10 years in New York city where she studied and eventually taught at the Jivamukti Yoga Center. She is a graduate of the Jivamukti Teacher Training Program, class of 2000 and also received an Advanced Certification from her teachers Sharon Gannon and David Life in 2005. After trying just about every outward avenue in the quest for physical and mental peace, she finally found Yoga in 1992. At the time she suffered from chronic recurrent bronchitis worsened by her stressed out job managing tours of large theatrical productions. Through Yoga practice & a vegan diet she’s been bronchitis free for the last eight years. Her classes are Jivamukti style, consisting of challenging vinyasa sequences grounded in traditional and contemporary spiritual teachings, Sanskrit chanting, meditation, hands-on alignment adjustments, and relaxation. Classes include challenging variations for more advanced students, and accommodation for newcomers. She continues the tradition passed on to her by her teachers Sharon Gannon, David Life & Ruth Lauer Manenti, which emphasizes that Yoga practice leads to liberation. Amanda lives in San Francisco with her boisterous toddler Jackson and beautiful chef/yogi husband Jeremy.

    Cecily Guest

    Hatha Flow & Vinyasa

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      Cecily Guest specialized in a strong and focused practice with a keen respect for progression and knowledge or “enlightened practice.”

      As a teacher of Hatha Yoga, Yoga Nidra and meditation it is her deepest desire to guide students toward a life of happiness and fulfllment. Cecily believes in the human potential to overcome physical and mental challenges with a consistent and mindful approach to yoga, exercise and meditation.

      Yoga and fitness has been her passion for 25 years. Her teachers are from the lineage of Pattabhi Jois and Swami Satyanada Saraswati of th Bihar School of Yoga, in addition to Molly Fox. Her love for movement and dedication to training covers many fields including bodybuilding, boxing & martial arts, yoga, indoor cycling and dance.

    Danni Pomplun


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      Danni Pomplun is a Yoga Teacher, Certified Personal Trainer and TRX Instructor. He believes yoga is a metaphor for life, and that practice should be challenging and also fun.

      Danni credits yoga with helping him get healthy after struggling with drugs, alcohol, and a near-death brush with cancer. This practice has opened his eyes to a world of positive opportunities.

      His down-to-earth approach that combines the mentally restorative aspects of yoga with the functional physical work required on the mat will resonate with students whether you are taking a power vinyasa or yin/restorative class.

      Danni looks forward to sharing his passion for yoga with you and helping you find its place in your story.

    Garrick Peters


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      Since his late teens, Garrick’s pursuit of self-knowledge led him to explore various spiritual paths that included meditation, yogic and martial arts based practices. Practicing with Garrick is playful but focused, meaningful but lighthearted, creative but consistent, challenging but respectful of the body’s anatomy and messaging.

      For Garrick, living and loving mindfully, meditation, asana, and teaching yoga are all part of his personal yoga practice. Practice is the discovery and implementation of what feels good, what works, what is joyful, and what leads to a deeper and more meaningful experience of life (body, mind, and spirit).

      Garrick loves community and is dedicated to bringing people together to share what inspires him, be it yoga, music, nature, or new projects that foster connecting with others.

    Jacqui Rowley


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      See Class Schedule Jacqui has studied movement through dance since childhood. She has been stretching, twisting, binding and playing with the physical form for years and believes “the juice is worth the squeeze“. She teaches flow classes, with a strong emphasis on precision, alignment, breath and modification, as needed. She states, “Teaching is a joyful experience for me, it is an honor to connect my students to their practice and then watch them embrace their own journey and discoveries. Yoga is both my anchor and my sail. I have found that the discipline of daily practice has provided grounding to life’s challenges and triumphs. To develop a sincere and consistent practice over time brings the gifts of yoga: a strong and healthy body, the ability to focus the mind and turn inward to your true nature.”

    Jason Gillenwater


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      Jason Gillenwater teaches an athletic but compassionate class in the Vinyasa Flow style, heavily influenced by his teacher Shiva Rea’s Prana Flow philosophy. Jason began practicing yoga in 2001 in an effort to alleviate chronic back pain he suffered from working as a professional saxophonist. What was initially a physical, results-oriented practice, soon became much more than that, and now yoga is a pillar in his life. He has spent the past ten years practicing, and learning about, yoga as much as possible, and loves sharing what he has learned with his students. Over the years Jason has studied various styles of yoga, including Prana Flow, Jivamukti, Anusara, Forrest, Kula Yoga (New York City), Ashtanga and Iyengar. While he teaches predominantly in the vinyasa flow style, he finds elements from each of these traditions form the foundation of his classes. Jason’s emphasis on creative, intelligent sequencing and proper alignment allows him to adapt his classes from everyone from beginners to seasoned practitioners. He always offers and encourage modifications, with the understanding that all students have strengths and areas to be developed. Jason works to enable each student to personally benefit from the practice.

    Jo Lewzey

    Vinyasa Alignment

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      Jo Lewzey believes the body is an intelligent vehicle, and yoga gives us the key to understanding and reclaiming our body and mind.

      In her classes you can expect a blend of anatomical alignment that reflects each student’s natural state. Each class builds on the next – movements are slow and precise.

      Jo’s passion for “working with the body,” began in ballet class when she was three years old. In her early twenties she began to dance professionally which gave her the opportunity to travel, and that’s when she discovered yoga. It was many years before she found her primary teacher Maritza who embodies the alignment-based practices of Iyengar and Anusara. Jo has since studied with Yolanda Bain, Rod Stryker, and Noah Maze.

    Katharine Otis


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      Katharine Otis is a yoga teacher and actress based out of San Francisco. Her classes are flow based and create a solid foundation for students to explore freedom. Students will leave feeling inspired, connected and challenged.

      She draws from 10 years of teaching group classes and teacher trainings, a life of self study and expression, and the assimilated knowledge of yogic philosophy.

      Katharine completed her certification at the Laughing Lotus NYC in 2005 with Dana Flynn and Jasmine Tarkeshi, Pranayama and Meditation at the Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram with Sri Desikachar, steeped in the teachings of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras at C.I.I.S. with Chase Bossart and Kate Holcombe in 2009, and received a certificate in Sound, Voice, and Music Healing at C.I.I.S. in 2010 from Silvia Nakkach.

    Kim Sin

    Vinyasa & Hatha Flow

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      Kim teaches an approachable, deep style of Vinyasa that safely challenges the body and soothes the mind. She presents a strong attention to alignment in a modern, easeful way. A steady focus on breath, layered with alignment promotes an inner relaxation through body and mind connection. She studies extensively with her main teacher and mentor, Jason Crandell, and is influenced by her studies in the Iyengar and Ashtanga tradition. In her class, you will breathe deeply, laugh hysterically, and move rhythmically into stillness.

    Marissa Nasca

    Hatha Flow

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      Marissa (RYT-500, MSW) has a background in dance and has been practicing yoga for many years. She has studied several styles of yoga including Vinyasa and Anusara yoga. She completed her 200 hour teacher training in 2008 and has continued her studies with several notable teachers including Sianna Sherman and (this fall) Katchie Ananda. Marissa also works closely with the Art of Yoga Project and deeply believes in seva. Marissa has found much healing through her own yoga practice and enjoys helping others connect with their body and mind. Anatomy, philosophy, and heart felt enthusiasm are at the core of her classes. Marissa’s light spirit provides a playful atmosphere for her students to build confidence and expand.

    Phillippe Yee

    Vinyasa Flow, Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa Alignment

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      Phillippe is a dedicated, passionate yoga practitioner and teacher. For him, it’s all about waking up! By building compassionate awareness around our bodies, minds and hearts, he believes we can begin to lift the many veils of our conditioning that keep us in unconscious slumber, and then awaken to the truth of our experience as it is in every moment. With this understanding we can find deliberate healing, transformation, evolution, and liberation. Phillippe has had the great fortune of studying under many inspired and devoted teachers including Jason Crandell, Jason Bowman, Sean Haleen, Betty Roi, Abby Tucker and Katchie Ananda. To them he owes endless gratitude.

    Renee Colby

    Yin & Yin/Yoga

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      The Middle Way (Buddha)
      “Truth is one, paths are many.” (Gandhi)
      “Start where you are.” Pema Chodron
      These are just some of the tenets Renee subscribes to after having discovered them thru direct experience.

      There has been a disconnect from the mind and body and we are at a time in our lives where we need to reunite with ourselves and come home to our basic wholeness/perfection, which has always existed. Both Yin and Yoga Nidra are practices that offer a direct way to achieve this alignment, first with ourselves and then with the world around us. Simultaneously we discover the truth of who you are, and ultimately free ourselves of delusion, greed and hatred.

      These practices influenced Renee’s life on separate occasions and the desire to teach them became evident as she witnessed and embodied the practice in her own life. When she teaches, it’s like they are living themselves through her each time.

      If you want to slow down, pause, delve inside, purge psychic irritants, settle the muddy waters of the mind and free the body of stress and tension, then these classes are perfect for you.

    Stacey Rosenberg


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      Stacey is an educator who is committed to teaching students about their bodies while providing them with the foundation to live more vibrant lives. She believes that the practice of the postures not only enables us to stay fit and increase health and well being, they also empower us – equipping us with the tools to engage in all aspects of our lives more skillfully.

      Her classes flow at a moderate pace, abundant with detailed alignment instructions that will help students get stronger and become more grounded, increase flexibility, and provide a fresh perspective of the postures. Options are offered for all students to engage fully at their level, respect their own limits, and challenge themselves to expand their boundaries.

      Yoga radically transformed Stacey’s life, and her passion and enthusiasm for the practice is contagious. A dedicated practitioner since 1995 and teacher since 2000, Stacey continues to fall more deeply in love with all the aspects of the yoga practice. She is known for her light-hearted, down-to-earth attitude, clear and precise instruction, and creative and coherent sequencing. She invites you to step in to one of her offerings soon. 

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    Civic Center Station–walk 5 blocks west on Hayes from Market


    Rail: F, J, K, M and N lines exit Van Ness. Walk two blocks north on Van Ness and 3 blocks west on Hayes to Octavia. Bus: 21 Line, exit at Hayes and Laguna-walk east on Hayes a half block From North


    On Hayes, 1 Hour Meters, Mon-Sun, 9am-6pm. 2 Hour Parking on nearby streets Mon-Sat, Unlimited on Sunday


    If you are coming from outside of San Francisco, please arrange your accommodations well in advance. Conventions and other special events can book most of the city’s hotel rooms leaving few options for individual travelers. Each person has different expectations and budgets for a place to stay. We ask that you check the following links for places to stay:

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