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Why Every Yoga Teacher Should Take a Prenatal Training

As yoga teachers we strive to create an environment that makes our students feel welcome, safe, and inspired. And no matter what kind of yoga classes you teach, at some point a pregnant woman AND/OR […]
self-care for mamas

3 Self-Care Tips for Mamas

Everyone one seems to be talking about “self-care.” That is easier said than done when you are a mama. What many of us come to realize as we traverse the sometimes rocky path of motherhood, […]

4 Questions About Prenatal Yoga

Mama Tree offers a comprehensive training in the art and science of teaching yoga for mamas at all stages of pregnancy, birth and beyond. We had a chance to ask the founder, Jane Austin, some questions […]

Top 5 Tips for Teaching Prenatal Yoga

Here are some tips to help you teach supportive classes and hold space for mamas whether you plan to become a prenatal yoga teacher, already teach prenatal (or postnatal/mom & baby yoga), or just want […]

Kundalini: The Yoga of Awareness

If you are a practicing yogi you may have heard of Kundalini Yoga. You may have gathered that it has something to do with a “serpent” energy and it’s possible that someone has told you […]

Death is an Ally

When something has ended—a relationship, a dream, a life—take a note from nature and let the detritus and sadness of the situation decompose, then feed it to your “tree of life.” I call this “turning […]

Becoming a Great Yoga Teacher: Nature or Nurture?

Becoming a Great Yoga Teacher: Nature or Nurture? By Jill Abelson, Yoga Tree Teacher Trainer  “Intuition is not a gift but a skill.” – Carolyn Myss There’s an inevitable week during every teacher training, usually […]
Jason Crandell

Pro Tips for Yoga Teachers by Jason Crandell: Mastering the Art of Classroom Communication, Part 2

Mastering the Art of Classroom Communication, Part 2: 5 Tips for Better Verbal Instructions Language matters. What we say–and how we say it–makes a significant impact on the quality of our students’ experience. After all, […]

It Takes a Village to Run a Postnatal Yoga Class

To fulfill my observation requirements for the Yoga Tree 200 Hour Teacher Training, Jane Austin let me observe her prenatal class in exchange for volunteering in her postnatal class. The two classes couldn't be more different.