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Teacher Training Overview

RYS 500 LogoDo you want to deepen your own practice? Would you like to share the gift of yoga with others? Are you a yoga teacher wanting to take your teaching to the next level?

Yoga Tree is the Premier Destination for Advanced Studies, offering 200-hour and 500-hour Yoga Alliance® registered Teacher Trainings and Continuing Education with Senior Teachers designed to help you blossom into a unique and successful teacher. All members of the Yoga Alliance are required to do a minimum of 30 continuing education hours every three years to keep their membership in good standing. All of our continuing education intensives meet these requirements.

Our comprehensive training programs offer the flexibility to develop your unique style and passion.

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  • Teacher training at Yoga Tree is a unique experience. We as students had the opportunity to learn from several of Yoga Tree's superstar teachers, and I loved the variety of instructors with different styles and different perspectives. It is impossible to go over every minute detail of yoga in a limited amount of time, but I feel that the Yoga Tree program offers a wide breadth of comprehensive information about yoga and teaching while still going in depth where it really counts. Not only was everyone in the program friendly and helpful during the training, there has also been great alumni support after we graduated. Highly recommended."
    Sarah Jennings, Advanced Certification
  • My experience with the Yoga Tree 200-Hour Teacher Training was phenomenal-- challenging, enlightening, wholesome, exciting. The teachers make it so; they hold a safe and sacred space that encourages everyone to learn and grow. One of the most valuable aspects of the training is the process of exploring personal limitations, also known as your "edge". With a keen understanding of your edge, you can better understand, listen and respond to yourself and your students. I chose to embark on my formal training at Yoga Tree to learn to teach yoga and to deepen my personal practice. I received more than this, perhaps one of the best experiences my life has ever seen. I highly recommend taking this course of study, opening your heart and mind to the wealth of ancient knowledge now distilled through the incredible teachers at Yoga Tree San Francisco."
    Drew Dorsey, Basic Certification
  • I made a special trip to San Francisco to participate in the Yoga Tree Teacher Training Program and I have absolutely no regrets! Spending time with such a diverse, experienced and devoted group of teachers and other students has given me a really strong foundation in teaching and practicing yoga."
    Anonymous, Basic Certification
  • As a regular practitioner, I enrolled in the YT TT program with the goal of learning more about my practice and why yoga works the way it does. After an amazing six month journey, I graduated with a solid understanding of yoga philosophy, alignment and teaching principles -- but most importantly -- I learned a lot about myself. While the time investment might look daunting, it's worth every minute and I can't recommend this program enough."
    Brandon S., Basic Certification
  • I enjoyed every minute of my teacher training course. I was very impressed with the instructors and the taught material; as a whole, the course spanned a rich diversity of yoga philosophies, styles and practices, providing the students with a really well rounded knowledge of yoga. In addition the classroom environment was welcoming, fun and very supportive. Now that I teach yoga myself, I can see that this course offered me a wonderful teaching foundation and the confidence that I am offering my own students solid guidance on their yogic journey."
    Maria Christina, Continuing Education
  • I decided to do the 200-hr Teacher Training course because I grew to love yoga and how it made me feel, inside and out. I had no idea the caliber of the teachers at Yoga Tree who offered us their guidance, wisdom, personal stories, and encouragement. I am humbled to have been taught by them and honored to have been in their presence, sharing in their deep understanding of this practice. I've been made so much more aware that there is so much more to learn!"
    Rachele Lee, Basic Certification
  • The Yoga Tree Teacher Training summer intensive is a wonderful program. The diverse team of teachers is made up of some of Yoga Tree’s finest. We were presented with a broad range of perspectives and approaches, which allowed us to come to our own conclusions. Instead of learning to mimic a particular method or philosophy, we were offered several tools to integrate the practice into each of our own unique minds, bodies and spirits. I left the program with a greater sense of confidence and ease than I’d ever had before. I still find myself pulling from the rich experience of what was cultivated during that one month, both on and off the mat."
    Braden Marks, Advanced Certification