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Advanced 500-Hour Certification

The Yoga Tree Advanced 500-Hour Certification Program  will provide you with the skills you need to flourish as a teacher while qualifying you for membership in the Yoga Alliance at the 500 RYT level.  The Advanced Certification is broken down into 8 majors consisting of Core Studies and Electives totaling more than 300 hours of hands on training. Because our electives are broken down into categories, you will graduate from our program as a highly specialized yoga teacher uniquely qualified to work with the students you feel drawn to serve. The cost of the program depends upon what you choose as your electives. There are opportunities to study with a mentor or do a karma yoga project, more information is listed below. The overall cost ranges from $4,000-$4,500. All course work, starting with your first course (rather than the date you are accepted) must be completed within three years.

  • Advanced Core Studies (Required)

    50-Hour Advanced Training

    Prerequisite: 200 RYT or Yoga Tree’s Level Basic Certification

    50-Hours • Yoga Tree’s Senior Teachers

    Our advanced program begins by strengthening the foundation that you developed in your basic certification. Whether you received your 200-hour certification at Yoga Tree or another Yoga Alliance compliant school, our Advanced Core Studies program is designed to take your existing knowledge and skills to the next level. Advanced poses and teaching techniques will be covered in more detail as well methods for addressing a wider range of special needs. Whether you want to work with advanced students, teach with more confidence or specialize your skills for working with specific populations, this program is the first step in realizing your potential as a teacher. Please note: it is not required that you begin your 500 studies with this course, but rather that you complete it by the end of the three-year period.

    Typical Schedule

    Monday-Saturday, 7:00 AM- 5:00 PM

    Please note, this is a typical schedule and there may be some variations and deviations. A schedule will be provided at your first class.

    Select your Major below to see your schedule, all Advanced Core Studies are included in schedule.

    Advanced Anatomy

    Prerequisite: RYT 200 or Yoga Tree Basic Certification
    5 Hours • Harvey Deutch

    Our advanced anatomy programs builds on the basic knowledge you gained in your 200 hour certification and looks more closely at the body in a way that moves far beyond the basics. Because our advanced program is designed to speak to specializing yoga teachers, you can choose from any of our advanced anatomy trainings, however, we strongly recommend you augment the Alignment Track with our Advanced Anatomy of Movement Intensive taught by Harvey Deutch. Please note: if you are enrolled in Harvey Deutch’s 100-Hr Therapeutics training as a 500-hr student, you will be exempt from taking this 5-hr course.


    Select your Major below to see your schedule, all Advanced Core Studies are included in schedule.

  • Advanced Course Work (Karma Yoga & Mentor Program)

    Karma Yoga Project

    50 Hours • Non Profit Organization of Your Choice

    At Yoga Tree we recognize that some of the greatest lessons a Yoga Teacher can learn are found in the real world rather than in a teacher training. It is for this reason that we offer students to choose a Karma Yoga Project as a possible elective.

    The Karma Yoga Project, should you choose to do one, involves volunteering at a non profit organization (501c3) as a yoga teacher. Your Karma Yoga Project will be 50 hours in length with at least 40 of those hours in actual teaching. Up to ten hours can involve staff meetings, planning and other ‘behind the scenes’ work.

    We have partnered with several wonderful non profits here in the Bay Area to which we can refer you. You are also welcome to submit a proposal for a KYP at a different organization as well. We recommend finding organization that you are passionate about and that will benefit from your support. And while various organizations may provided rules and guidelines for working with their clients, our only rule is that your teaching be given freely—absolutely no reimbursement of any kind is allowed.

    Mentorship Program

    50 Hours • Yoga Tree Senior Teachers

    Yoga Tree has developed a comprehensive mentor program as part of their 500-hour Advanced Teacher Training. Yoga Tree’s Teacher Mentor Program is designed to support and inspire emerging teachers in their journey of personal growth and teaching. At Yoga Tree, our goal is to provide tomorrow’s teachers with a broad range of skills to enable them to bring yoga to a diverse and growing community of yoga students and to support them in finding their own authentic voice.

    • Mentor with a senior teacher for 50 hours
    • Meet for six coaching sessions
    • Assist teacher in his or her class on a weekly basis, and take free yoga classes with that teacher for six months.
    • Can be repeated for a total of 100 hours with same or different teacher.

    During your coaching sessions, you can discuss a wide range of topics that you and your mentor will identify. Because each of our senior teachers is unique in there approach, each mentorship is equally unique.

    Cost:  $700. Once you submit your application you will receive more information.

    Three Steps to Working with a Mentor

    • Approach a Yoga Tree teachers who you know and respect and ask them if they are accepting new student teachers. If they agree to work with you, you’re ready for step two!

    • Email and inform us that you will be joining our mentorship program. A staff member will contact you to arrange payment and get you registered. You will also need to provide proof of liability insurance at this time.

    • Schedule your first coaching session with your mentor. Once your 50 hours is complete, you can log the hours or return to step one to do a second 50 hour mentorship with the same teacher or a different teacher.

Your first step in becoming an advanced teacher is to choose your major.

Breakdown of 500 Hour Certification HOURS NOTES
Basic Certification (Prerequisite) 200 From approved school
50 Hour Advanced Tng 50 Required. More information on left
Advanced Anatomy 5 Required. More information on left
Additional Courses 245 Your Choice within Major, see below
Total Hours: 500 


View Trainings & Continuing Ed Schedule

We offer the following Advanced Majors:

Alignment Based Yoga Specialize in detail focused yoga, working with props and modifications. Learn More
Flow Based Yoga Learn to develop and teach dynamic and advanced vinyasa sequences that are safe,effective and sweaty. Learn More
Gentle & Restorative Yoga Master the art of subtle movement and working with the autonomic nervous system to unlock the body’s inherent ability to heal. Learn More
Yoga and Psychology Understand the connection between body awareness and mental health and develop the skills needed to work with psychology professionals. Learn More
Therapeutic Yoga Become skilled at working with physical injuries, medical conditions and limitations to assist your students in finding greater range of motion, reduced pain and balance in the body. Learn More
Yoga Philosophy Dive deep into the rich philosophy of ancient India and understand the ancient texts that gave birth to modern-day yoga. Learn More
Women and Yoga Support the unique needs of women at every stage of life. Learn More
General Studies Because not every yoga teacher wants to specialize. Learn More

Questions: or call (310) 496-1776 Monday thru Friday. To view a list of all trainings and intensives available at Yoga Tree click here.

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