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Date:November 25, 2015

David McEnulty

Yoga Tree Teacher David McEnulty


Potrero Hill


Advanced Yoga Therapeutics


Vinyasa Flow
Hatha Yoga

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David McEnulty is a yoga instructor, trainer, and musician who believes that yoga is for every body: for the big and the small, the flexible and the inflexible, the professional athlete and the weekend warrior. With over a decade of dedicated practice with many amazing teachers and extensive study with physical therapist and yogi Harvey Deutch, he brings both confident knowledge and exultant curiosity to the mat, and hopes to stir the same in everyone who joins him.

Coming from a martial arts background and a personal history of injury, David honors the body as the greatest teacher. His classes will encourage you to listen closely to your own through precise alignment and mindfulness while exploring its many edges through challenge and playfulness. David considers himself a student’s student and inspires an exuberant, light-hearted study of the self—through breath, sensation, and sometimes sweat—and its dynamic relationship with the world: internally, externally, and everything in between. Constantly amazed by the complexity, elegance, and resilience of the human body, he incorporates his in-depth understanding of body mechanics and therapeutics to assist his students’ journey through injury or resistance into yoga’s promise of a lightness of being—always, of course, set to a great soundtrack.