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Date:November 25, 2015

Garrick Peters

Yoga Tree Teacher Garrick Peters


Potrero Hill


600 and 200


Vinyasa Flow
Hatha Yoga

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Garrick loves yoga and exudes joy in sharing his passion. Since his late teens, his pursuit of self-knowledge led him to explore various spiritual paths that included meditation, yoga and martial arts based practices. His classes blend alignment and vinyasa to create a balance between holding poses and playing with various tempos in movement. Garrick’s approach is playful yet focused, creative but consistent, and challenging while respecting anatomy and the body’s messaging. He encourages introspection, to find your own practice, to explore your edge, to discover the strength of breath and the stillness of self-awareness…where practice is an investigation and implementation of what feels good, what works in a lasting way, and what leads to a more meaningful experience of life (body, mind, and spirit).

Garrick’s classes incorporate LoopFlow, a unique approach to yoga he developed using music loops to guide breath and movement. These music loops, called BreathTracks, are specifically designed to keep time and bring spirit to vinyasa flow. By focusing on the timing and the quality of movement between poses in a flow sequence, a yogi can hone a sustained state of attention, and drop into a deep moving meditation.