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Date:March 30, 2016

Jason Crandell


Potrero Hill

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Jason Crandell was recently named “one of the next generation of teachers shaping yoga’s future” by Yoga Journal for his skillful, unique approach to vinyasa yoga. Jason is the creator of Yoga Journal’s newest dvds: Yoga for Wellbeing; Yoga for Morning, Noon, and Night; and, The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Yoga. He is a contributing editor for Yoga Journal, has authored over 20 articles for the magazine and website, and is a regular presenter at several national and international yoga conferences. Jason has recently partnered with Yoga Journal to continue creating instruction-rich, home-practice DVDs and Podcasts. Jason’s steady pace, creative sequencing, and attention to detail encourage students to move slowly, deeply, and mindfully. Take a class from Jason and you will leave feeling grounded, clear, and content—and more informed of the nuances and habits of your body and mind. Jason credits his primary teacher, Rodney Yee, as well as ongoing studies in Eastern and Western philosophy for inspiring to him bring greater alignment and mindfulness to vinyasa yoga.
“It is teachers and practitioners like Jason that will take the art of yoga and teaching yoga to its next step.” — Rodney Yee