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Date:May 02, 2016

Lauren Pisano

Yoga Tree Teacher Lauren Pisano




500 hrs


Vinyasa Flow

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When we approach the practice as a creative expression, we are artists. We ignite the fire of creativity within ourselves and experience the teachings as they are; living, impermanent and ceaselessly transforming.

When we approach the practice as a discipline, we are held in the sacred tradition of yoga. We learn humility. We learn reverence. We learn what it means to be grounded.

My practice, and therefore my teaching, is a dance around this balance point between discipline and artistry. I offer what wisdom has been revealed to me in my journey as it is natural and relevant to the moment I share with you in the yoga room. Vinyasa classes are alive, flowing, grounded and deliberate. Yin and restorative classes are healing, meditative and quiet.

Adi Vajra and Stephanie Adams showed me what yoga is. My teaching is a tree grown in their soil.

Join or connect with me as it serves you. All are welcome. It is not important that you are perfect, only that you are sincere.

Yours truly, eternally in bloom,