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Date:April 11, 2016

Seva Simran Khalsa

Yoga Tree Teacher: Seva Simran Khalsa


Potrero Hill


Kundalini 500hr. Sat Nam Rasayan Level 2



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Seva Simran found everything he didn’t know he searching for when he took his first Kundalini Yoga class. He spent most of his childhood and early adulthood struggling with feeling stifled, numb and and confined. While seeking something more from life, Seva Simran’s sister brought him to a day long Kundalini workshop. There he felt something fall into place and had the thought “THIS is what I have been looking for.” Seva Simran knew he had to pursue making Kundalini Yoga his life’s dedication. He is a level two certified Kundalini Yoga teacher and is a teacher trainer, conducting training all over the U.S. Seva Simran’s life’s work involves helping people find elevation through the practice of Kundalini Yoga. This practice lifted him out of dark times and leads him to a brighter existence on a daily basis. The opportunity to guide others to that same freedom is his passion. His aim is to create a space for students to release, heal and resolve. You can expect to experience chanting, mudra, breath-work and movement, as well as Seva Simran’s warmth, compassion and humor.