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Date:December 14, 2016

Taylor Rivers




6th Avenue


Certified 500-hr teacher


Hatha Flow

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In Taylor’s experience, yoga is a practice that guides us back to our true nature. Her classes attend to all of our systems, and our layers of being, in accordance with nature (Ayurveda) through asana, pranayama, meditation, mantra, and mudra with attention to physical and energetic alignment.

Taylor’s teaching is influenced by Hatha Yoga, Sri Vidya Tantric Vinyasa, and Anusara. She holds deep gratitude for her primary teachers: Rod Stryker; ParaYogini’s Katie Silcox, Brenna Geehan, and Jean Mazzei; Elena Brower and countless alignment-based teachers; Charu Rachlis; and Scott Blossom.

With wholehearted reverence for this practice, Taylor welcomes you to come to your mat as you are, and to take your practice with you into your daily life!