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Yoga Workshops

Deepen your experience of yoga

We offer uniquely transformative workshops led by expert teachers who will share their knowledge of a particular style, technique, or approach. A workshop will enable you to become thoroughly immersed in a single subject or technique over the course of an afternoon, a weekend or a series of weeks. You do not need to be enrolled in classes to attend a workshop or special event.

Workshop 1
Yoga Tree Teacher Estee Fletter

Yoga 101

Estee Fletter
July 23 | Valencia

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Workshop 2
Yoga Tree Teacher: Seva Simran Khalsa

Kundalini 101

Seva Simran Singh
July 30 | Potrero

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Workshop 3
Yoga Tree Teacher Ay Lin Guvenc

Yoga 101

Ay Lin Güvenç
July 31 | Potrero

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Workshop 4
Yoga Tree Teacher Monique Haan

InnerYoga with Yoga Nidra and Sound Healing

Monique Haan & Cindy Meiri
July 31 | Valencia Pop Up

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