About Yoga Tree


In 1999, we opened our first studio doors in Haight Ashbury, unrolled our mats, and laid the foundation for a thriving community. Yoga Tree has stayed authentic to its roots and continues to be a sanctuary for like-minded souls.

Our Co-founders, Tim and Tara Dale worked tirelessly to create a safe and welcoming space for all people. Yoga Tree is a high-quality haven of seven distinct and welcoming yoga studios, serving San Francisco’s most inspired yogis. Yoga Tree is also a part of the YogaWorks family, providing access to yoga studios nationwide.

Our community keeps right on growing, our studios are a world-class destination for trainings and workshops, but our roots remain steeped in rich tradition, exceptional teaching and alignment with the authentic principles of yoga.

An Empowered and Enlightened Community

The Yoga Tree tribe is a devoted and dynamic group of Bay Area yogis who strive to thrive. They’re passionate about practicing a wide array of yoga styles and using its benefits to better the world. We offer spaces that are inclusive and nurturing, believe everybody should have access to exceptional yoga, and encourage the exploration of the mind, body and soul. Whether it’s to yourself or the community, on or off your mat, join us for the opportunity to give something back.

Diverse and Inclusive Yoga Studios

Each of our seven studios is special and diverse, reflecting the unique needs of the yogis who call them home. There’s a space for everyone at Yoga Tree. Whether you’re a beginner, an advanced practitioner, a fellow teacher, or a student of one of the many dedicated schools of yoga, we offer an assortment of programs designed to spark serenity and connection at every level. One thing all of our studios have in common: the vibe. It’s more of a feeling at Yoga Tree. We offer a comfortable, safe and spiritual place to explore the body, mind and soul. And we invite you to bask in it any time you want.

Exceptional and Esteemed Yoga Teachers

Our classes are led by some of the Bay Area’s most authentic and passionate yoga instructors. Recognized around the world, teachers like Janet Stone, Mark Morford, Jane Austin, Pete Guinosso, Dina Amsterdam, Annie Carpenter, Scott Blossom and Jason Crandell are highly skilled in leading classes that leave you revitalized and inspired. Their abounding expertise in eclectic yoga styles is what makes Yoga Tree the premier yoga destination it is today.

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