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Jai Dev Singh Kundalini: The Circumvent Force

When the magnetic field is radiant, bright and expanded, problems that once seemed enormous, immediately become weak and insignificant. The lens of life widens and you witness a new reality full of color, beauty, and love. You enter into a universe that is conspiring to serve you, to fulfill you, to lift you up. Through the majestic magnetic field, you embody a special type of yogic royalty. Prosperity becomes the law of your life. Your body and mind become instruments of love-intelligence. The benevolent flow of compassion projects through your presence and life is uplifted by your very existence.

This workshop will allow you to experience:

o Transporting Kundalini Yoga Practices
o Ancient Yogic & Ayurvedic Teachings
o Blissful meditation to activate heightened magnetism and plug into your source of spiritual electricity.

The Circumvent Force: Activating Magnetism
Jai Dev Singh
April 29
Sunday | 2:15-5:15pm
$50 in advance | $60 day of event*

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Jai Dev Singh is a yogi and teacher. His innovative Yoga and Ayurveda trainings have been attended by thousands of people throughout the world. His Life-Force Academy has students in over twenty countries.
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