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Practice Makes Progress

Practice in May and Get Special Perks

Summer is almost here, and it's time to get motivated. May motivation is about progress, not perfection. Practice five times in May and qualify for special yoga perks. Sign-up to receive motivational emails and set your intentions to progress.

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  • By signing up for the Practice Makes Progress Challenge, you may be contacted by a Yoga Adviser to help you get studio access for the challenge.
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During the month of May, practice five times or more and qualify for special perks and prizes. See your local studio for more details.


Receive weekly inspirational emails that will help keep you motivated during May.

Raffle Prize

Enter to win in-studio: "Yoga on the Go" package: Jade yoga mat, Manduka mat wash, Yuni shower sheet, YogaTree tote bag & 3 free months of online yoga with MyYogaWorks.

Perkville Points

Practice five times or more in May and earn 20 bonus points. Applies only to studios that use Perkville.