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Yoga Tree Teacher Training

Mentoring & Coaching

For thousands of years, yoga has been handed down from teacher to student in deeply personal and intimate way. Yoga teachers can learn much from workshops and trainings, but nothing can truly replace the experience of working with and trusting in a senior yoga teacher. This one-on-one connection allows newer teachers to more quickly find their voice, refine their teaching style and avoid common pitfalls. Because so many senior teachers call Yoga Tree home, we have created a mentorship program and a coaching program for newer teachers and teachers in training to work closely and learn from our senior teachers.

  • Mentorship Program

    $900.00 • 50 Hours • Yoga Tree Senior Teachers

    Yoga Tree has developed a comprehensive mentor program in which newer teachers can work closely with one of our senior teachers, develop an ongoing relationship and meet regularly for coaching. This program is designed to support and inspire emerging teachers in their personal growth and teaching. Our goal is to provide the next generation of teachers with a broad range of skills and to enable them to bring yoga to a diverse and growing community of yoga students. To support newer teachers in finding their own authentic voice, we allow the mentor relationship to form organically based on the need. Because no two yoga teachers are alike, no two mentor relationships are alike.

    Our Mentorship Program Includes:

    • 50 Hours of Mentoring with a Senior Yoga Tree Teacher
    • Free Yoga with your mentor
    • Assisting your mentor weekly*
    • Five in-person or remote coaching sessions
    *Yoga Teacher Liability Insurance required

    Students in our Advanced Teacher Training Program can apply mentorship hours toward certification. Can be repeated for a total of 100 hours with same or different teacher. During your coaching sessions, you can discuss a wide range of topics that you and your mentor will identify. Each of our senior teachers is unique in their approach.