Aiyisha Castillo


Training Certifications:



  • Aiyisha teaches:

    Hatha Yoga, In Studio, Restoratives, Vinyasa Flow

  • Teaching Locations:

    6th Avenue



Being a devoted student means Aiyisha feels blessed to have had many teachers. She is wholeheartedly grateful for all of them. Her path to becoming a yoga teacher stemmed from her desire to be of service. It’s the same reason she wanted to join the Peace Corps 15 years ago and study Massage Therapy and Somatic Psychotherapy. She is no stranger to the struggle and understands first hand how much work it takes to live life fully. It is important to her to offer up support to others out of respect to all those who have supported her desire to live more authentically. Her classes are strong so that we may practice standing in our truth, and her classes are sweet, inviting an opportunity to practice compassion. Since Pranayama is her favorite of the 8 limbs, Aiyisha loves offering up an array of ways for us to expand our life force. Let’s breathe, chant, move, and meditate.

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