Alyssa DeCaro



  • Alyssa teaches:

    Hatha Yoga, In Studio, Vinyasa Flow

  • Teaching Locations:




Alyssa DeCaro is a yoga teacher, group facilitator, dancer, and musician dedicated to helping others tune in to their “essential instrument” through movement, breath, rhythm, and ensemble connection. As a yoga teacher, Alyssa is known for her fluid sequencing, precise verbal cues, and heartfelt presence. She has been teaching locally and internationally for 17 years and leads popular classes at several studios in the San Francisco Bay Area.In 2006, Alyssa founded BODY OF SOUND workshops and retreats based on the concept that your body is your most essential instrument. Her work integrates the audience/performer and student/teacher relationships to create an interactive, rhythmic, ensemble experience. Alyssa taps into creative energy through rhythm, voice, and movement, and believes these to be the most effective tools to break down barriers and establish connection. When leading groups, Alyssa has a natural ability to shape the collective field, transforming an ordinary room into an inspiring space where practice and play intertwine.

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