Andrew Blotky


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Andrew Blotky is a San Francisco-based yoga teacher (RYT-500), writer, and executive coach. Andrew specializes in precision-based Vinyasa flow yoga and yoga in the devotional bhakti tradition. In his classes and workshops you can expect intelligently designed alignment-based sequences focused on building strength and flexibility and inspiration and yoga philosophy for the modern practitioner combined with a blend of music, good humor, and a down-to-earth style. Andrew also consults other teachers and trainees on communications, social media, and the business of yoga. He is indebted to many of his teachers, especially Rusty Wells, Jason Crandell, Stephanie Snyder, and Janet Stone, from whom he continues to learn and grow both as a teacher and as a student. Andrew is a long-time and forever student of yoga. For him, yoga is a laboratory for constant experimentation and self-acceptance that brings a bit more love, joy, happiness, and truth into our lives that we can in turn share in service of others. Follow him on Instagram at andrewblotkyyoga and at

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