Brenna Barry


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Brenna, a 500-RYT, considers herself an activist, a philosopher, and a yogini. She has a B.A. in Philosophy from the University of Texas at Austin. Brenna has been teaching yoga since 2011, and her proclivity for philosophy is present in her teaching. Her formal education focused on ethics and existentialism, but her passion for the Yoga Sutras is what continues to inspire her. Because of her dedication to the Eightfold Path, expect to experience a bit of philosophy, pranayama, and meditation, in addition to alignment-driven asana, in her public classes. She has deep reverence for her teachers Sean Haleen, Stacey Rosenberg, Jessica and Stéphane Dreyfus, and her meditation teacher Howard Cohn. The commitment she has to her students is heartfelt and limitless. Brenna welcomes you to her class and looks forward to sharing her passion for yoga with you!

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