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Emma Pearson first came to yoga eighteen years ago when she was pregnant with her first child. This journey began when doctors told her that her scoliosis and accompanying pains would cause her great difficulties during her pregnancy. Emma did not let this deter her; she was motivated and determined and began her discovery and learning about yoga. Through yoga she was able to ease these discomforts and have a healthy and active birth. This began her continual belief in life-long learning. Emma believes that obstacles that come into our lives can be the motivation that we need to find space and time to create change, and that finding opportunities and humor in all situations can lead us to healing and transformation. Yoga provides a continual practice that helps us find this time, stillness, and space for rejuvenation, and a safe and inspiring place to create community. Emma has completed her teacher training(200 hours) through Yoga Tree, prenatal yoga training with Jane Austin, “At Risk” yoga training with Hala Kouri, and “Theraputics” with Harvey Deutch. Emma is deeply grateful to her mentor Janet Stone. With Janet, she completed her “Assist” and “Sva Dharma” trainings, and she recently took a trip to India to study with Janet Stone and Christopher Wallace. Emma is also inspired by her three years of studying homeopathy, the holistic health benefits of organic food, and tending her garden. Emma is passionate about the power of opportunity in a woman’s life when she is pregnant and journeying through motherhood. Pregnancy is a wonderful period for the initiation of change, growth, health, and inner awareness. Her classes offer a nurturing and safe space to continue and strengthen this transformative journey. Emma is inspired everyday by both her children.

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