I-Ting (Devi Kiran Kaur) Shen


Training Certifications:

200 HR Kundalini Research Institute Level One Certification
200 HR Kundalini/Esoteric Yoga Certification with Yogi Amandeep
200 HR Vinyasa Certification from Yoga to the People
50 HR Rocket Vinyasa Certification from Asta Yoga


  • I- Ting (Devi Kiran Kaur) teaches:


  • Teaching Locations:

    Potrero Hill



My offering as a teacher is to hold sacred space for students to be themselves, freely and completely. In the Western world, the practice of yoga is often misunderstood as a practice of perfection and flexibility. Although asanas (postures) are important in providing the foundation for one to go deeper within themselves, the true yoga lies in the union -- the union of the body and spirit to be in harmony and full acceptance of one another at any given time and space.My goal as a teacher is to guide you beyond the limitations and illusions of the mind through the vehicle of the ancient practice of Kundalini Yoga. Learn to see beyond the two physical eyes. Become so empty that the earth and cosmic energy can flow freely through your body and being. Open the opportunity to live comfortably in your heart and to walk in the vibration of your highest truth. Come to the true realization that you and creation are one.Sat Nam! 

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