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Kristin Singer has been practicing yoga for over 25 years. While her love for her practice was always strong, it deepened into a passion when she began a daily practice in 2009. At this same time, Kristin began studying and practicing Buddhism. This combination of spiritual and physical practice is how her inner journey to know her authentic self truly began, and she realized that she had found her path.Kristin was always interested in understanding our human nature and completed her Bachelor’s Degree in Developmental Psychology and her Master’s Degree (ABT) in Research Psychology. Her deep knowledge of Western-based psychology has given Kristin a strong foundation upon which to understand the Eastern-based spirituality and philosophies to which she is so strongly drawn. In addition to teaching Yin and InnerYoga Yoga, Kristin is currently completing her InnerYoga certification with Dina Amsterdam. Kristin is also a volunteer and on the Board of Directors for the Living/Dying Project, a non-profit organization that pairs meditators with critically ill patients to assist them in having a conscious and spiritual death.Kristin’s style of teaching encourages students to know and understand themselves. For her, it is not about how deeply you can access a pose physically, it is about how deeply you are willing to access yourself while in the pose. She inspires her students to work at their edges and to open willingly to the experience of yoga. She weaves the concepts of both the Sutras and Buddhism into her classes and creates a space for her students to quiet their minds and begin the journey of forgiving and falling in love with themselves.

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