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Leila's yoga is an empowering physical, mental, and spiritual practice, blending chanting, breathwork, and vinyasa (informed also by 15 years of dance experience), into a compassionate, joyful, fun, and loving flow. It is designed to peel away the layers of what is covering the truth inside, so practitioners leave feeling more connected, happy, alive, and aligned with their life's purpose. Leila's classes are very grounded in alignment, cultivating a trust of the natural intelligence of the body and breath. She weaves yogic philosophy in and out of the practice with love, humor, and devotion, so that yoga can be taken off the mat and into daily life.Leila's yogic journey began in 2000 at the Himalayan Institute under spiritual head Pandit Rajmani Tigunait, PhD, the successor to Swami Rama. She has since completed nearly a 1000 hours of Teacher Training in Vinyasa Yoga, and is deeply inspired by and grateful to her Teachers here in the Bay Area: Stephanie Snyder, Wah!, and Rusty Wells. She has made Yoga for Artist Videos for Academy of Art University, which can be found on her website, and is also the creator of Sing Pray Love, a Kirtan to share her love of Bhakti yoga. Leila believes that yoga is the most effective practice for self-discovery, love, compassion, courage, kindness, health, happiness, and peace. www.leilaswenson.com

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