Linda Souders





As a dancer, Linda was initially drawn to yoga for the graceful physicality of the asanas, yet, like many people, was captivated by the deep, healing dive into the richness of the 8 limbs, and the body/mind/soul connection. Since 2000 she has studied with many teachers, including main influences - Stephanie Snyder, Amanda Moran, Sarah Powers, and Paul Grilley. A RYT-200 teacher, Linda also has an additional 900 hours of more focused study in anatomy, physiology, kinesiology and pathology, as a Movement and Manual Therapist and Certified Health Educator. She is also a trained meditation teacher.Linda’s classes, steeped in ritual and ceremony, emphasize breath and alignment in flowing motion to build balance, flexibility and strength in body, mind, and soul. She enthusiastically teaches all 8 limbs of yoga in order to help students realign with their authentic self, and then move off the mat out into the world living a life of personal integrity. Her commitment to honesty, collaboration and love enable students of all levels to find what works best for their unique body in any given moment. She guides students on a powerful exploration of listening to the body with honor and reverence.Linda aspires to be a wise elder, passing on the wisdom teachings of the many who have gone before, in order to help those following to navigate this wild path, called life.

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