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    Vinyasa Flow

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Rebecca is an experienced yoga instructor in the San Francisco BayArea whose classes are often described as strong, fun, andinspirational. She believes in the power of yoga to awaken each of usto a greater sense of purpose and intentional living, and to unite the yoga community around sustainability and social justice. Rebecca’s classes build strength, body awareness and flexibilitythrough an integration of breathwork, creative sequencing and precise alignment. Classes are safe for newer students and challenging for more experienced yogis, and include hands-on adjustments, descriptive cues, and individualized attention.Rebecca is committed to the possibility that yoga can be a powerful tool for living our lives to the fullest, as well as a catalyst fortransformative action out in the world. She manages an internationalservice and leadership program called The Global Seva Challenge, aninitiative of Off the Mat, Into the World [4], which invites leadersin the yoga community to raise their voices and significant funds tosupport communities in crisis around the globe.Rebecca also leads retreats (local and international) that combineher background in sustainable tourism and international development with her dedication to the practice of yoga. For more information, visit

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