Stefanie Schur



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Stefanie teaches energizing and heart-felt vinyasa flow classes that use playful movement to take you through creative sequences of postures, and leave you in a puddle of peaceful bliss. Her classes are infused with balance, strength, heart-opening, mantra, and some sweat—peeling away the layers to your true self takes work! She sees yoga as a sanctuary of the inner self that brings us back to center, wherever our lives may lead. She believes in meeting her students where they are and honoring the personal journey that brings them to this moment.Stefanie is a registered yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance and has over 500 hours of specialized and advanced training in anatomy, sequencing, history & philosophy, mantra, and more. She has been cultivating her yoga practice since 1995 in the Ashtanga and Vinyasa Flow styles, and has been deeply influenced by her teachers Dana Flynn, Janet Stone, Keith Borden, Dana Damara.

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