Susannah Freedman



  • Susannah teaches:

    Vinyasa Flow

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Susannah Freedman came to yoga in 2003 after having studied various forms of dance for over 15 years. Having always believed in a strong mind/body connection, she found the transition from dance to yoga to be fulfilling as it allowed her to explore and embrace movement as a method of reaching her highest potential and her highest good. The importance of each breath being a chance to connect to a sense of the Divine within ourselves, and how we use that connection both on and off the mat are what she tries to impart through her teaching. Susannah teaches a strong Vinyasa flow class that focuses on breath, alignment and intention, and asks you to kindly push yourself towards and past your own boundaries – not to mention her much sought after playlists! In 2014 Susannah received her Masters in Philosophy, Cosmology and Consciousness.

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