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Date:May 03, 2016

Corey Izzo

Yoga Tree Teacher Corey Izzo




Hatha Alignment
Hatha Flow

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Having been raised from a very young age on the ethical, energetic and physical aspects of yoga, Corey Izzo sees the practice as both a familiar friend and an ever evolving opportunity to expand into the next steps of his evolution. It is his firm belief that the practice of meditation, asana & pranayama can ensure the well-being of every body, mind and spirit. His light-hearted classes offer an alignment based asana practice, weaved with breath awareness, guided meditation, mindful movement and a sense of community. He would like to give back to his students what yoga has brought to his life: a constantly flipped perspective, a softer heart and tools to aid in living more fully.

Corey’s teachings have a strong focus on the heart, as we are all learning to be in a practice of moving softly from our Center, through our Center, to our Center. He continues to study and grow his knowledge base, developing and cultivating his style to ensure the highest quality instruction for his students.