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Date:April 26, 2016

Renee Colby





Yin & Yoga Nidra

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The Middle Way (Buddha)
“Paths are many, Truth is one.” (Gandhi)
“Start where you are.” Pema Chodron
These are just some of the tenets Renee subscribes to after having discovered them through direct experience.

There has been a disconnect from the mind and body, and we are at a time in our lives where we need to reunite with ourselves and come home to our basic wholeness/perfection, which has always existed. Both Yin and Yoga Nidra are practices that offer a direct way to achieve this alignment, first with ourselves and then with the world around us. Simultaneously we discover the truth of who you are, and ultimately free ourselves of delusion, greed, and hatred.

These practices influenced Renee’s life on separate occasions, and the desire to teach them became evident as she witnessed and embodied the practice in her own life. When she teaches, it’s like they are living themselves through her each time.

If you want to slow down, pause, delve inside, purge psychic irritants, settle the muddy waters of the mind, and free the body of stress and tension, then these classes are perfect for you.