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Date:November 27, 2017

Shree Pradhan




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Originally from Nepal and based in San Francisco, yoga/meditation, consciousness, and a love for breathwork (through a love for the ocean) came to Shree at a young age. A diver/surfer and yogi from the Himalayas, she has always been guided by the power of the practice to heal and radically transform life by returning from the vessel of body to the essence of Spirit.

Infusing various styles of fluid and intentional movement while attuning to the rhythms of nature/universe, Shree views the body as an instrument and the practice as a technology and tool to alchemize energy into higher states of vibration and consciousness through breath and movement.

With a personable and down-to-earth approach, Shree’s style draws from various lineages, from dynamic Bhakti Vinyasa and mindful Alignment Flow to grounding Yin/Restorative and soul-journey guided meditations. Kriyas (energy movement), pranayama (breathwork), mantra (chanting), dharma/philosophy, sound healing and vibration, and asana (postures) are organically woven into her practice and teachings.

Shree’s influence is drawn from, but not limited to, upbringing/background in ocean/swim, dance, shadow yoga, martial arts, athletics, and kundalini yoga, as well as teachers Maty Ezraty, Jason Crandell, Annie Carpenter, Betti Roi, Scott Blossom, Ana Forrest, Rodney Yee, Rod Stryker, and most importantly, her students and sadhguru (inner teacher).