Yoga is a Powerful Catalyst for Growth

We believe the work we do on our mats improves our lives when we step out of the studio and into our communities. We embrace difference and variety, in people and yoga styles. We strive for students of all ages, experience levels, and body types to practice yoga in an inclusive environment. We help each other find calm in the heart of chaos, develop a practice of self-care, and navigate daily challenges. Cheers to your practice, our community, and everyone's unique journey of growth. #WeAreYogaTree

Brenna Geehan, Teacher

"Every second of my life has a choice involved"

The most important thing that yoga has taught me is that every second of my life has a choice involved. And either I choose to go towards more dharma or away from it.

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Wesley Murray, Student

"Yoga is therapy for me"

Yoga is therapy for me. When I lay my head down on my mat I know I am exactly where and who I am supposed to be in that very moment. Being present is the biggest gift yoga has given to me because it has allowed me to start answering some of the questions I have been asking myself my entire life.

Meagan Lynch, Greeter

"It empowers me to make positive, life-affirming decisions"

Yoga Tree is my favorite community because it is all-inclusive. You can find so much quality and diversity in styles of teachings that really satisfy a wide variety of needs and preferences. My interest and curiosity never wanes as there is always something new to be discovered.

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Pete Guinosso, Teacher

"I love knowing that yoga is there"

No matter what is going on in my life, I love knowing that yoga is there. Not just the yoga that takes place on the mat, but also the yoga that happens in the ordinary, everyday moments of my life.

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