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150-hour Yoga Therapeutics Training with Harvey Deutch

Harvey Deutch leads the 150-hour Yoga Therapeutics Intensive at Yoga Tree Potrero in San Francisco

This will be the fifth year offering of the Harvey Deutch yoga therapeutics training SF due to high interest! We have received great feedback from past students to improve this craft, and are ready for you to begin your therapeutic journey in 2019. The yoga therapeutics training will be a total of 150 hours, 115 contact hours and 35 non-contact hours for self-study over a spread of five months to accommodate the busy lives we lead! This course will add many of the missing and key elements to the yoga puzzle to deepen the understanding of how to use yoga as a healing modality. The teachings will be based on a sound scientific/therapeutic rationale with intuitive and artful overtones.

This yoga therapeutics training will be hosted in classic “salon-style,” a conversational gathering inspired by your teacher where spirited discussion amongst your peers is deeply encouraged! Course work will be both didactic and experiential. We will study functional anatomy and biomechanics of the human body. We will learn about human physiology—how each system in the body works and how inter-related these systems are. Additionally, we will come to understand how to influence the healing of the body and mind to maintain or reach a level of homeostasis in our sacred vessel.

We will observe movement and alignment in our own bodies and have the opportunity to evaluate, treat and design a yoga-based exercise program for individuals from our community who will be part of our course of study!

“These two words are synonymous in my mind: Yoga Therapeutics. Where does one start and the other end? This course of study was born from repeated questions from 200-hour trainees and yogis who instinctively know the healing power of yoga and desire a much deeper knowledge base as to why and how the marriage works!”

Note: Upon completion of your registration, if you are interested, please send a note to Harvey on why you are interested and what you plan to do with the knowledge gained at

Prerequisite:  200-Hour Teacher Training Certificate

You must attend each weekend to receive your hours. Make up sessions are difficult but can be arranged.

Manuals: There is a separate charge for manuals ($35). Manuals can be purchased at the same time as online or in-studio enrollment. Manuals can be picked up on the first day of training at Yoga Tree Potrero.


Friday, 2:00–6:00pm
Saturday, 12:30–6:30pm
Sunday, 12:30–6:30pm

January 11-13
Yoga Therapeutics Intro, Anatomy & Biomechanics Review

January 25-27
Human Physiology & The Endocrine System as the Building Blocks

February 8-10
The Nervous System & its Relationship to the Body and Yoga

February 22-24
Muscles and Tissues, Disease vs. Dysfunction and Common Diagnoses Seen in the Yoga Room

March 15-17
The Respiratory System & Pranayama

April 12-14
Multiple Diagnoses, Treatment Ideas, Hands-on Labs

May 3-5
Advanced Manual Assists, Safety Progressing the Yogi, and Class vs. Private Session Organization

This schedule is a great scaffolding of what is yet to come. Due to this training’s fluidity, please be flexible in terms of topics going through the training. Feedback is always encouraged throughout the course.

COST: $2100 | $1900 by December 11, 2018* ** ***

*Payment plan available; for more information, please contact Amber Hogue at

**Non-refundable deposit of $400 due upon registration. To place a deposit, please contact Amber Hogue at  amber.hogue@yogaworks.comFull price (advance price until 12/11/18) registration is available at

***Advance price registration for this yoga therapeutics training is not available through the mobile app. Please visit  or call Yoga Tree Potrero at (415) 655-3936 to enroll at the advance price.

This course qualifies for credit in the Yoga Tree Continuing Education Program. 

150-hour Yoga Therapeutics Training
Harvey Deutch
January 11–May 5 (seven weekends; see schedule below)
Yoga Tree Potrero, 1500 16th St.
(415) 655-3936

$2,100 | $1,900 until December 11, 2018* ** ***

Acclaimed physical therapist, yogi, and beloved teacher, Harvey Deutch, P.T. has been merging the art and science of yoga and physical therapy for over 35 years, exploring and perfecting the nuances of each. His laser-sharp precision and keen eye for working with the physical form join his innate ability to understand and finesse the energetic body. Along with his signature humor, Harvey is renowned for taking two-dimensional anatomy off the page and making it burst alive on the mat. For more information, please visit

With online registration you are reserving one spot in the workshop. To reserve for additional students, please contact Yoga Tree Potrero at (415) 655-3936.


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