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Bring Your Unconscious Self-Care into the Light

The conversations around self-care often feel like we are talking about pampering. However, it is much deeper and much more important than that. In fact we are all practicing self-care in one form or another […]

Listening to the Call with Pete Guinosso

The physical aspects of yoga first brought me to my mat. After decades of being a competitive athlete, I wanted to see if everything I had heard about yoga building strength and flexibility could be […]

A Guide to Finding Your Intention

A Guide to Finding Your Intention Often in yoga class we are asked to identify an intention for our practice that extends into the rest of the day. The word “intention” suggests that you have a plan […]

Dance with Nature

Nature is dancing with you. Your song is on the wind. All of life fluxes and flows, you are this dance. As all things come and go, let life have its way with you. Know […]

Becoming Whole

People often come to me for help in overcoming obstacles they are facing. After spending some time talking about what they perceive to be in the way of obtaining their goal, I always ask the […]

5 Yoga Lessons I’ve Learned From My Toddler

Before I had my daughter Sofia-Rose, I dreaded the toddler phase. Because, let’s face it, before you have kids, toddlers seem like whirling balls of crazy. They are the antithesis of what most of us […]

Yoga at Your Desk: Staying Open in Tight Places (Part 1)

Though it’s become customary for most of us to work at a desk all day, sitting for long periods of time can be tough on the body, especially the neck, shoulders, wrists, hips, hamstrings and […]

How to Use Mantra

After learning more about what mantra is, I started exploring how different people use mantra. First, I spoke with Yoga Tree Teacher Ericka Montana. “I find that mantra helps me to center my mind and […]

6 Steps To Get Out Of A Funk

I am someone who can easily fall into a state of listlessness. It usually begins with procrastination. I have a Master’s degree in procrastination. I can spend hours upon days preoccupying myself from the things […]

Alignment…Mental or Physical?

Every action is preceded by a thought or intention. By changing our thought patterns we move towards changing our actions. Many times we are lost in habitual thought patterns causing us to act in ways […]

Dear Sarcastic Yogi: Isn’t sarcasm against the tenets of yoga?

Dear Sarcastic Yogi, Isn’t sarcasm against the tenets of yoga? Aren’t yogis supposed to be sincere and compassionate at all moments? Signed, A Really Sincere Enquirer   Dear Sincere Enquirer, One things yogis love to […]

How Yoga Found Me, Guest Post by YT Teen Ambassador

Sometimes I like to think I discovered yoga; the truth is, yoga found me. I initially envisioned yoga to be practically the polar opposite of sport and exercise. Beginning at a very young age, I […]